Welcome to the MSHelp2 YahooGroup.

MSHelp2 is a discussion forum for the MS Help 2.0 beta release. Here you will find peer-to-peer support for MS Help 2.0, as well as support from some of the MS Help MVPs. The MVPs have been working with a very early preview release for some time.

Please start all discussion threads on-topic. This group was originally designed for general help discussion and this is still permitted. The MS Help 2.x preview release was first distributed at all MS sponsored 2001 documentation conferences, starting with the WinWriters conference, 4th-8th March 2001.

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MSHelp2 YahooGroup URL - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MSHelp2
This free forum brought to you courtesy of MS Help MVPs and Yahoo


All members of this forum are requested to:

  • Keep discussions on topic. Threads on cake recipes etc. will be deleted.
  • Maintain dignity and remain courteous at all times.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Choose words carefully. (Regrets should be offered when warranted)
  • Refrain from swearing or using offensive terms.
  • Do not belittle anyone for any reason.
  • Open any line of discussion within the topic of developing or authoring on-line help
  • When disagreeing with an issue, substantiate the disagreement with scholarly evidence or information based on rational reasoning based on personal experience.
  • When expressing an opinion, offer information in support of that opinion.
  • All Members will make every effort to keep this forum "flame-proof".
  • Vigorous debate is fine as long as it does not become 'personal'.
  • If you would like to have a personal discussion, please do so without posting it to the group.
  • When an individual feels offended, send a message back to the offender only.
  • Maintain courtesy. It may have been just a misunderstanding. When anyone detects that a posting may have been offensive, send a message to the poster. The person may not have realised that the post was offensive. Be courteous.
Violators of the Code of Conduct may be given a warning from the list moderator or even dropped from the list immediately depending on the nature of the code violation. Further posts from that individual will be ignored and/or deleted.

Violators dropped from distribution may re-apply by petitioning the group moderator directly or through a list member.